Fire In The Asylum

by Fire In The Asylum

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Copyright 2009 Fire In The Asylum ASCAP


released April 20, 2009

"Watching Them", "Fly Alone In The Dark", and "Puppet Show" produced by Fire In The Asylum and Shane Smith. Engineered, recorded and mixed by Shane Smith and Manny Nieto at Manny Nieto Estudio Los Angeles, CA.
"Pink Lemonade", "Thoughts On Ice", "The Asylum Is On Fire", and "SHy Away" produced by Fire In The Asylum and Mark Baykian. Engineered and recorded by Mark Baykian at Magnetic Recording Pontiac, MI. Mixed at Downtime Studio by Dana Lathan. Additional mixing by Shane Smith. All songs Mastered by Mark Chalecki at Little Red Book Mastering Los Anegeles, CA.



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Fire In The Asylum Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Fly Alone In The Dark
As far as I know, there is not truth
Except for what’s inside of you.
Trust your instincts keep wading through,
The bullshit that they’re feeding you.
We’ll fly alone in the dark.

All I’m saying, is words are used
To keep you guessing and keep you confused.
Catch the latest phrase, lose your mind.
It fucks with you in ways, leaves you blind.

She’s complicated, she hides the truth.
You’re intimidated by her lack of proof.
Her head’s inflated, she lost her spark.
You’re inundated by broken hearts and
Flying alone in the dark.

Kiss’em in the from, stab’em in the back.
Punch’em in the gut, kick’em in the sack.
One of many ways to manipulate the masses.
They’re never gonna get off their fucking’ lazy asses.

All I’m saying, is word are used
To perpetuate the fear, constricting you.
I find it hard to breath, so I suffocate.
It’s really hard to bleed, catatonic state.
It really blows my mind, hoe they eat it up.
It’s evolution time, so let’s rip it up.

I’d like to argue but I have no case,
I’d like to fit in, but I have no shape.

As far as I know, there is not truth
Except for what’s inside of you.
Trust your instincts keep wading through,
The bullshit that they’re feeding you.
We’re flying alone in the dark, I can’t see through the scars,
And my mind behind bars and there’s no chance for parole,
And no filling up holes the threads come undone
When they fight me for fun.
Track Name: Watching Them
Cut it back!
I don’t want you dead,
I don’t want you jailed,
Just give back what you stole,
And crawl back in your hole.

I realized you fucked me once,
But twice and I’m a fool.
Your wealth inflates with interest rates
´cause you made up all the rules.

Hawks are circling overhead and they’re riding us like mules.
Cut it back!

Better paranoid and not oppressed
Than obsequious and stressed.
Never bail them out of their excess
They should suffer like the rest.
Don’t look now, but there’s a storm
I can feel the rain upon my head.
The wind it howls right outside and we’re fixing to get wet.

Cameras, microchips and red flags waving,
They can see your every move but shouldn’t we be the ones
Watching them?

Disseminate disinformation, disintegrate dissention,
dispense dissolution, distraction and confusion.
Dismantle and dissociate, disorient and dislocate,
disobedience and discord-a new world disorder!

Hawks are circling overhead and they’re riding us like mules.
Watching waiting as it passes me by.
You’re stepping over the line.
Watching as your pride gets up and leaves you behind.

Beg! Beg! Beg!

Cameras, microchips and red flags waving,
They can see your every move but shouldn’t we be the ones
Watching them?
Track Name: Pink Lemonade
The caress from the ether and a kiss from the Novocain,
in the bliss of the moment it drips like a hurricane.
We escape to the nether like rockets in retrograde
and her lips taste like bittersweet pink lemonade.

At night when she’s hardwired she catches fire,
And unleashes her desires on guns for hire.
She’s groundbreaking but it’s underneath her shoes.
This day keeps longing laster, I get paid to do it faster.
All I got to show for it is nothing left to loose.
Don’t waste this moment!
The sun is burning down,
this grateful morning’s got me spun out up one side and back down.
Track Name: Shy Away
Daddy’s little girl wants to demonstrate
Her overwhelming power to manipulate,
So she’s leading all the boys around by their dicks
But she’s one step away from turning tricks.

Brooks boned out ‘cause he couldn’t relate.
We’re a little bit worried about his mental state,
These traits run deep in his family pool and
When he’s off the reservation nothing you can do but
Shy away, never to be seen by the light of day, coming apart at the seams.

Zack speaks up and says life it seems,
is really just a series of good and bad dreams.
And right now Zack’s living his own nightmare,
Because he thinks nobody understands or cares.

Graham is in the back with a four foot bong,
He’s got a wig on and it won’t last long,
It’s glued to his face and at this pace,
He’ll be a permanent resident of outer space.

And I’m living a lie, but that’s OK,
The truth I despise anyway,
We’re all living lies, but that’s ok,
The truth we despise anyway.
Let’s give it up just for a day!
Help you kill the voices in your head, keep you up at night and wake up dead!
Track Name: Thoughts On Ice
I didn’t ask you for your point of view.
Want your opinion I give it to you.
You tired of me but well I got some news,
I’m a wiry little punk full of piss and blues.
Your ship is sinking ‘cause your lips are loose.
Nobody jiving with your attitude,
Your only concern is for yourself
Nobody else only your wealth.
Got no friends ‘cause you don’t play nice.
Maybe next time you keep your thoughts on ice!
You’re hesitating, I’m not looking back
Now what is with this unwarranted attack?
You’re pushing buttons but you got no clue
Of just the kind of mess you got yourself into.
Your ship is sinking cause your lips are loose.
Nobody jiving with your attitude
You only concern is for yourself, and for your wealth. Nobody else.
It’s still a lie even when you say it twice
Maybe next time you’ll keep your thoughts on ice.
Track Name: The Asylum Is On Fire
We’ve all gone insane! The asylum’s on fire, and there’s no chance of rain!
If it drips or it’s ripped then you gotta get it fixed.
But if the problem persists then it gets lost in the mix.
And six buildup and you find your position’s
got more issues than a life time subscription

It’s to big a pile to sweep under the rug,
It’s too many miles to pack up and run
At the top of my lungs but you won’t hear a sound
It’s the end of the world and my heads underground.

Nah, nah, nah, it’s not a drill
You better head for the hills!
Hey, hey, hey its down to the wire
The asylum’s on fire
Track Name: Puppet Show
Take a look it’s almost real, the way they make you think and feel.
Wake up from the dream and see you can’t make it stop.

One hand on your cash and one hand up your ass,
They separate the classes and protect you with the cops.

Cause its pay as you go for the puppet show,
What hurts you the most is what you don’t know
It’s vitriol in stereo, till you got no soul left to sell.

Can’t afford to look away, can’t help but see it as plain as day
This stupid shit is fucking gay I’d like to make it stop.

We’re gonna spread you so thin
You won’t know where to go or where you have been
We’ll keep you true essence hid
You won’t know what to do or what you did.